Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why We Need To Stop Rationalizing Our Shoe Collections

We all have weaknesses and guilty pleasures that cause our brains to shut down and that stimulate our impulses. For me, this phenomenon occurs when I see an amazing pair of shoes and correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm almost certain that there are many others like me. Every time I spot a pair of shoes, I tell myself that love cannot be denied and I MUST have them. Let me confess that logic does NOT come into play. At least not real logic.

Sometimes I tell myself that I need a pair of sneakers for when I (don't) go to the gym. Occasionally, I'll spot a pair of sky high stilettos and justify them by remembering that it's my best friend's birthday next week and I HAVE to wear something new. Also, I'm 5" feet tall, so a pair of high heels is ALWAYS necessary. Fall is approaching and I obviously need a new pair of knee high leather boots. They are a closet staple, aren't they? The snow devoured last year's pair. Oh well. I also need a lower bootie for those slightly warmer days. Besides, they look ridiculously edgy with my new LBD. If I'm going to go out, I'll definitely need a high heeled version of both. I also need some Sorels for the snow because I don't want to get my nicer boots dirty. Can't make that mistake again. After all, they were a bit pricey.

Does this sound familiar?

If these words have played in your head every time you bought a pair of shoes, you fall into the same category as I do: The Shoe Addict.

How do you overcome it?

To that I respond: Do I have to?

To some of us, the shoe makes or breaks the outfit. With your basic white tee and jeans, that Sophia Webster heel may be all you need to take it from daytime chic to party on the town. While some spend all their money on clothes, all I need is a variety of shoes to dress up or down my simplest looks. Is that such a crime? Maybe trying to rationalize our shoe collections is pointless. Or perhaps we could all use that one perfect sneaker (unless you're my height). Whichever camp you fall under, fashion is NOT about rationale. It's about passion and self-expression. If that takes you straight into the arms of Valentino Rockstud Pumps, who am I to judge?

Perhaps we should all pay more attention to our shoes. Maybe being a shoe addict isn't such a bad thing.

But then again, that's also coming from a shoe addict, so who am I to talk?

Ponder that,



Monday, August 18, 2014

#TentFashion: My Own Nugget of Truth

How do you define fashion?

Is it the intricate and detailed haute couture at Chanel or Giambattista Valli?
Is it (dare I say it?) the fast fashion that is forever changing at stores like H&M and Zara?
Is it a staple LBD or a trendy asymmetrical skirt?

The truth is: I couldn't tell you.

I may live and breathe fashion, but its definition remains ambiguous and that has never been more clear to me than during this past week.

Allow me to explain.

This week, I participated in an event called Tent Fashion that brought Jews from across North America together with one common interest. Each of us were drawn to the event due to its connection to our own personal definition of fashion and the impact it has on our lives. For some, fashion was about change and innovation. It was about creating something meaningful that resonates with our own thoughts and beliefs. For others, it was about self-expression. It was about escaping the norm and inspiring boldness in a conservative community. For me, it was about discovery. It was about learning that fashion has a fluid definition that can never stay stagnant because it is an industry in constant evolution. While to some, Roots sweatpants and Tiffany bracelets are fashion, to others, these are simply material possessions or a right of passage at Jewish camp.

Each one of us has felt disconnected from our communities at some point in our young adult lives. Whether we were being told "Why are you dressed so fancy?" or "What's up with those hebrew letters tattooed on your arm?", our version of self-expression was inadequate to someone somewhere at some social function. However, I've come to discover that this is exactly what fashion is about. Fashion doesn't have to be defined. It should make eyebrows rise and pupils dilate.

Another thing we all had in common was that we were Jewish and inherently part of a larger community despite some of us feeling somewhat disconnected. Regardless of our common religion, we were all different in the way we dressed, spoke, or thought. There's a misconception that Jewish people look a certain way and that you either look Jewish or you don't based on certain characteristics constructed by society. This event made it very clear that Jews are just as difficult to define as fashion and therein lies the connection. We may have all been Jewish, but we're also people with individual characteristics, interests, and connections to fashion. You may not be wearing a streimel, but does that make you any less Jewish? Isn't it possible to have a Jewish identity and fashion identity that are separate from one another? Or perhaps they are intertwined in some subconscious way that we are unaware of.

Tent Fashion wasn't just a program bringing Jewish artists together, but an eye-opener about the importance of diversity in fashion. If everyone were designing the same thing, where would fashion be? We're all trying to identify with something that makes us feel unique, while staying connected to our common traits. That's what makes us human. If you attempted to define fashion, you'd come to realize that it's as silly as trying to define the word "funny". It's all relative and ever-changing. If your mom is laughing at your jokes, it IS possible that she isn't just doing it to make you happy, but because you may actually be funny. Stop second guessing yourself and just follow your instincts. If YOU think something is fashion and if YOU think you're funny, isn't that all that matters anyway?

Ponder that,



Thursday, August 14, 2014

End of Season! End of Season!

The end of season deserves two exclamation points for a number of reasons. Though the end of summer may seem like a very depressing time as stores begin to stock up on their fall collections and magazines start advertising fur coats and leather boots, we can't help but feel that spurt of excitement at the thought of a new season commencing. A new season always feels like a page is being turned. We get to experiment with new fashion trends we may have never tried before and dig into our creative souls for inspiration on who we want to be this year. Fashion is all about self-expression and as a Canadian, you have the privilege of wearing every type of clothing possible due to the disparity in weather conditions upon each season. What is the correlation, you ask? With all of these diverse temperatures, the world of fashion is open to you and the explorative options are endless. While living in the heat may be wonderful and pleasant, you'll never know what it's like to slip on a luxurious fur a la Rachel Zoe and feel that warmth as you step outside in -30 degree weather. In Canada, anything is possible and therefore, your self-development can go a long way. Now, allow me to get to the point.

Let's talk about 8 reasons the end of season is the best time of year.

Sales, Sales, Sales
Though this may seem obvious, it is crucial to this list. We can detach ourselves from those sad emotions arising at the thought of winter by heading to the stores and getting all our favourite summer pieces on sale to store for next year. It may sound like unhealthy depression shopping, but who's counting.

New Collections
This is the perfect time to get a taste of what's to come. With all the stores giving us a sneak peak, it's the perfect opportunity to plan that new wardrobe.

Fashion Week
The absolute BEST part about the end of season is that it is usually followed by Fashion Week. Though the thought of winter may be depressing, Spring Fashion Week in September reminds us that the warmth is still within our reach.

Wardrobe Surprises!
Allow me to elaborate. Remember last season when you
 bought those leather lace up booties and couldn't wear them because the weather wasn't quite there yet. You can now take them out of that hiding place and slip them onto your feet because Fall is here!

New Beginnings
New clothes generally signal new beginnings. Though one chapter is ending, another is beginning. It's time to start dreaming again.

Transitional Clothing
Nobody will judge you at this time of year for wearing boots with shorts. Take full advantage while you can.

Another Excuse To Shop
For those of you who shop scarcely throughout the year, this is your time. You may not shop often, but end of season is deal time and that money you've been saving is about to get its due.

Time To Discard
This is the perfect time of year to refresh that wardrobe but getting rid of items you no longer wear to make room for the new. And there's nothing more refreshing than cleansing.

It's time to look at the positive. Stop thinking it's the end and start looking at it as a new beginning.



Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Yes, it's real.

The symptoms?

- Pre-purchase anxiety
- Fear of identity theft.
- Compulsion anxiety
- Fear of shopping addiction
- Fear of debt

Essentially, it involves a lot of fear and anxiety caused by irrational worries that plague the mind upon the mere glance at Asos and Nasty Gal. Minds such as mine are prone to the disease because of natural anxiety issues and paranoia. Therefore, despite my obsession with shopping, I cannot bring myself to press that final button.

Am I missing out on amazing options offered by online retailers?
Am I depriving myself of the endless world of possibilities that is the internet?
Am I limiting my own creative flow?
Am I justified in my worries?
Is online shopping dangerous?

For many reasons, it can be perceived as a danger. For one, it encourages more shopping at times when one cannot physically be inside a shop and thus, one can make purchases at every time of day (which results in many more purchases). Late nights on the computer with nothing but your own temptation. The thought of debt slowly slips away into the back of your mind. The options are endless and somehow, it's almost impossible to know when one should stop.

HOWEVER, are we missing out on the full shopping experience? Is walking into a store and touching the fabric what it's all about? Is a big part of the fun trying on the clothing and creating styles with your imagination and spotting your coup de coeur?

Is online shopping the end of store shopping as we know it?

If you're me, then let's hope not. As much as I love technology, I'm not quite over my onlineshoppingophobia yet. And maybe it's for the best. Who knows? Call me in five years.



Monday, August 11, 2014

#ForTheSakeofFashion: The Transition Edition

Transition period is challenging for all of us. As summer becomes fall and the weather becomes as unpredictable as Justin Bieber's music career, getting dressed turns into a challenge. At this time, one begins to wonder whether boots are appropriate. When can I take out that leather jacket? When should I move my shorts to my bottom drawer? Knee high socks, a yay or a nay?

All of these questions parade through our minds during transition season, which is why we all need to ignore them. That's right. At the end of the day, it all comes down to experimentation. Maybe Mable doesn't want to wear boots just yet, but you're ready. That's totally fine. What's magical about this time of year is that you can wear something completely impractical and nobody can question it. It's the only time of year when a fur with sandals is acceptable (ish). When else would you wear a sweater with your mini skirt?

If you're still slightly confused as to what I am talking about, here are five examples of items that can be worn #forthesakeoffashion simply because it's transition season and anything goes.

Sweaters with Mini Skirts
As the mod movement begins to dominate the fall fashion scene, we're all dying to get those mini skirts on. Transition period is the perfect time to highlight those long legs with a mini and an adorable fluffy sweater to create proportions you never thought possible.
Skirts With Booties
In the winter, no tights are not an option. Therefore, little booties always seem to be worn with them. Transition period is a time where we get to wear short skirts with little edgy boots. Are you ready for this?
Socks with Sandals
Back in the day, you thought this look would forever be reserved for middle-aged men. Today, it's the mark of a fashionista. You can't wear this in the winter, so embrace it while you can.
Wool Hats
No, they don't cover your ears nor shield them from the horrifying winter wind, but they look damn cool. Big hats are back, so wear them now while your ears are still warm.
I already spoke about capes in the first #forthesakeoffashion post, but they are entirely relevant once again. You won't be warm enough for this giant blanket in a few weeks, so now's the time to take advantage of this chic piece of clothing.
So, there you have it. Wear it #forthesakeoffashion, because what other reason should you have?


Friday, August 8, 2014

#IconCity: Introducing Jamie Chung

Great style deserved to be recognized. That is why I created IconCity in the first place. The newest member to arrive is Jamie Chung. No anti-climactic drumroll necessary. After several small roles in some hit films, Jamie introduced herself into the fashion world as one to watch. Though she is known for her breakout role in The Real World, her ability to look amazing at every possible social event is what qualifies really got her noticed (in my personal opinion).

Take a look at some of her best look.

Leather and denim is a killer combo that nobody would have thought of pairing together. Except Jamie Chung. And let's not neglect to mention her #forthesakeoffashion choice to wear her jacket over the shoulders AS SHE SHOULD.
Marchesa Bridal Show
As soon as she wore it, this mesh Elizabeth and James skirt landed her on every best-dressed list. Topped with a chic red blazer and killer shoes, we'd be crazy not to kill for this outfit.
Street Style
Who else knows how to mix prints in such an expert fashion? Jamie Chung showcases this AMAZING look with her hair casually pulled back. That Isabel Marant jacket is to die for.
Launch of Brancott Estate Flight Song
So simple, yet so perfect. The classic white Zara crop top and midi skirt ensemble projects an angelic vibe while her studded BCBG jacket begs to differ. This is exactly what I stand for.
Summer 2013
Clearly a fellow print lover, Jamie Chung proves that a dress in itself can make a bold statement, no accessories needed. 
Keep your eyes out for Jamie Chung. She's definitely a force to be reckoned with.

What do you think of her style? Does it merit best-dressed status?



Thursday, August 7, 2014

When It Comes To Hats, The Big The Better Is Our New Mantra

I apologize for the excessively long title, but it was only to emulate the size of the hats that are currently taking over. After spotting Pharrell's Hat for the first time at the Grammys, we all wondered whether it would start a trend or just become one of those things we try to forget ever happened. Several months later, we've got our answer on the cover of Teen Vogue. Though it seems an unlikely place for this resolution to come about, it did! And with Kendall Jenner on her very first cover.

It's clearly a big day for everyone (Pharrell, Kendall, and myself included).

After gracing the cover of Teen Vogue, Vogue's baby sister, this hat has shown that larger-than-life hats are about to make a major comeback. Don't have a hat head? That's fine. This is your moment to experiment. You may have believed that these gigantesque hats would remain in the 19th century and period films/television shows/novels, but they've eased their way into modern day.

It should come as no surprise that this has finally occurred. With everyone obsessing over shows like Mad Men and Downton Abbey, it's no wonder we're all craving a little hat magic.

If you still aren't sold on this look, allow me to give you 10 reasons hats are the bees knees.

It Protects Your Head Against Dangerous Heat Rays #underratedreason

It'll Make Us All Look Wealthy/Like Royalty

You Can Now Look Like Kate Middleton At A Horse Race Or Wedding

Or Pharrell, If That's More Up Your Alley

People Will Definitely Stop In The Streets At The Sight Of You
via Pinterest

Which Will Inevitably Land You On A Best Dressed List

Or Worst Dressed (Any publicity is good publicity)

You Can Become: The Girl With The Cool Hats

It'll Give You Yet Another Accessory To Jazz Up Your Normcore Look

And The Number 1 Reason Hats Rocks Your Socks Is...
Bad Hair Days Will Cease To Exist
Time to go hat shopping, guys!