Thursday, December 18, 2014

'Tis The Season To Be Fluffy

Winter is all about fluff. Snow tumbles on the ground only to transform into a bundle of white fluff that children make snowballs out of and throw at innocent passerby. As Buble would say, "It's a marshmallow world in the winter" and frankly, that sounds delicious. So, baby, it may be cold outside, but at least we can rely on fluff to keep us warm and cozy and compliment our Starbucks cup. This season, there is nothing more glamorous than some extra texture and for those who are not big on fur coats, it's time to take a look at some other alternatives. 

Here are ten fluffy pieces that I ADORE in the winter time. Take a look and get inspired.

The Fluffy Jacket
For those who are accustomed to wearing fluff, the fluffy jacket is an excellent style choice that will keep you feeling fashionable and warm simultaneously. It adds instant chic to your look and will make you want to keep that coat on no matter where you go.
The Fluffy Scarf
Not ready to commit to a coat? No matter. The fluffy scarf is a small accent  that will keep you feeling snug without the extra weight of a jacket. It can be subtle or bold, but make sure it's true to you.
The Fluffy Vest
A fluffy vest is yet another alternative to the fluffy jacket. You may not be ready for all that fluff and I completely understand. This way, you can ease into it with a sleeveless variation of your typical jacket.

The Fluffy Handbag
This year, fluff has been transferred to our handbags and we have Karl Lagerfeld to thank for that one. You may not want to WEAR the fluffy, but you can always carry it on your shoulder.
The Fluffy Sweater
This look is an easy fluffy go-to. Not sure what to wear? A fluffy sweater is ALWAYS the answer at this time of year.
The Fluffy Skirt
While this may seem bizarre to the average onlooker, the fluffy skirt is definitely a fashion statement. It defies expectations and when done right, it can look super cute with just about any slim fitted sweater.

The Fluffy Hat
Nobody does a fluffy hat quite like a Russian fashion editor. Mira Duma reminds us that a fluffy hat can be chic without looking like over (read:road) kill.
The Fluffy Muffs
It rhymes, therefore it is. Didn't some philosopher say that? Muffs are a great alternative to the hat. Breezy day? This invention is your chic solution.

The Fluffy Shoe
No, this is NOT meant to be practical or keep you warm. However, it's whimsical and that in itself is a reason to try it.

Fluffy Mittens
Who needs fingers? If you want to avoid frostbitten hands, do as the fashionistas do and wear fluffy mitts. They may seem silly now, but just wait until you slip them on. Toasty.
I hope you'll feel inclined to try one of these fluffy options this winter. Nothing beats the cold quite like a fluffy fashionista.



Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Is About All Things Sparkly: DUH

Christmas is NEXT WEEK. That's right. The sales have started, boxing week is just around the corner, and STILL nobody knows what they plan on wearing to their office Christmas party or New Years Eve cocktail. You step into a store and every collection is flooded with sequins and sparkles, but frankly, you're not that kind of girl. Will you ever wear head-to-toe sequins again? Unlikely. The saleswoman takes you around the store and offers an excellent service, but unfortunately, every collection looks identical and that something special just isn't catching your eye. Where are the metallics, you ask? The salesgirl offers you a dumbfounded stare. What about monochromatic dresses, you inquire? Yet another uncomfortable silence.



Apparently, during the month of December, there was an excess of glitter at the arts and crafts shop. This is probably because nobody would buy any of it during the rest of the year. What better way to suck in that Christmas shopper then with the easy sell that sequins are the ONLY way to dress at a Christmas event. After all, you have to get rid of them because once the holiday season is over, nobody is buying that stuff. And then, the worst happens. Everyone at dinner is wearing a sequin in a different colour. Before you know it, we're all shining bright like a diamond and nobody stands out from the crowd. There's glitter in your eye and it wasn't even worth it.

In other words, December is the month where fashion goes to die. Individuality gets crushed by a waterfall of sequins sprinkling all over it and everyone is caught wearing the exact same thing.

As a major fan of a wide variety of textures, I cannot understand how sequins have become the "go-to" for Christmas and New Years. To top it all off, these two events are a week apart and yet, nobody seems to see the problem with a fashion magazine that ONLY advertises things that sparkle for BOTH events. As much as I love a sequin, is it not the most predictable choice on these particular holidays? Shouldn't we opt for the unpredictable? Shouldn't we choose an outfit that we know nobody will be wearing? Isn't our worst nightmare to be caught in the same dress as Tiffany, our bitchy cousin from Wisconsin? As an excellent opportunity for common folk to get all dressed up, shouldn't we be yearning to defy fashion conventions and show off our unique sense of style?

What is the purpose of this discussion, you ask? I suppose I am desperately trying to find fashion in a pool of sparkle. As with everything, sequins and glitter are good in moderation and in the world of fashion, they are best worn when nobody expects it. So this year, try something different. Be bolder by avoiding the typical holiday choice. Perhaps you can try something new in the spirit of the new year. Experiment with a trend you have never tried before. Dress like it's February 2015 and resolve to escape your comfort zone. THAT is what fashion is all about. And if by any chance, you still want to sparkle, try a small accessory. It may pack that punch better than any sparkly dress.


Peace Out,



Monday, December 15, 2014

Balmain's Spring Ad Campaign: Girls Will Be Boys

Let's talk about this ad.

And that one.

To the naked eye, these images may appear to be classic "girls just wanna have fun" photos featuring the hottest models in the industry stuffing their faces and still looking like goddesses. To the knowledgable eye, this is a Balmain Ad Campaign featuring five stunning Victoria's Secret Angels: Adriana Lima, Crista Cober, Isabeli Fontana, Joan Smalls, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley taking on role model status.

Last week, I spoke about Alexander Wang's new denim campaign. I was flabbergasted (to say the least) at the blatant sexual image of Anna Ewers. This week, I found an ad that does "thought-provoking" the right way. As much as I love Wang, if this were a style contest, Balmain wore it better. Not only does this Balmain campaign promote an image of diversity (an important facet for designer, Olivier Rousteing), but it defies gender roles by placing women in a typically masculine setting doing typically masculine activities such as playing video games and eating fast food. Of course, these women are dressed a lot more scantily than your average male in his sweatpants in front of the TV, but in case you hadn't noticed, that is only the case for the first image, and even then, they look like sexy superheroes. In the second, they're wearing bold colour blocked dresses and jumpsuits, while enjoying a feast of burgers and fries. That is definitely NOT an image you see every day. Just when you thought the industry wanted us all to be skin thin, we find an ad such as this one telling skinny girls to EAT and not just a salad, but the fattest food around.

If this ad does not send a positive message, I don't know what does. While the Wang image resonated because of its sexually provocative nature, this one makes us think about the industry in a new light by painting an unconventional picture of models that subverts expectations. Rousteing takes the androgyny trend to a new level by having his models dressed in sexy and feminine gear, while engaging in stereotypically masculine endeavours. Essentially, according to this designer, girls can be boys without actually dressing like them. They can play Nintendo and eat fast food like the boys, but they should not lose their sensuality in the process.

Message received.



Friday, December 12, 2014

#IconCity: TayTay Made The Cut

Taylor Swift aka Taytay aka The New Victoria Secret Angel aka Karlie's BFF

Whatever you want to call her, it was only a matter of time before she made the cut in Icon City. After appearing on stage at TWO Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows, maintaining her top-of-the-chart status (and always looking good doing it), and writing every teenage girls' anthem time and time again, Taylor has officially reached icon status. Some may hate her and others may bow, but Taylor has proven herself as queen of pop/country (whatever she's singing these days) and deserves this spot. After all, Karlie would be lonely without her.

Here are some of her best looks:

Taylor looks very 90's cool in this plaid and black tank combo. The bag and sunglasses add a little Jackie O flair to her rock n' roll look (only a little).
This look is one of my favourites on TayTay. Rocking the crop top and maxi combo at the ACM awards, this country girl made everyone's best-dressed list that night.
Taytay rocks those oxfords like no other. Even on a casual day, we want to dress like her.
She also knows no limits on the Red Carpet. Even in head-to-toe black, she looks beyond beautiful.

And finally, Taylor Swift looked breathtaking in this floor length white gown by Zuhair Murad. A vision in white, she won the slit award by a mile.
And that's all, folks. What do you think of Taylor's style? Does she deserve icon status? Let me know!



Thursday, December 11, 2014

That Time Alexander Wang #BroketheInternet

Did that image make you uncomfortable?

How about that one?

Thought so.

After scoping the internet for comments on Alexander Wang's recent denim campaign, I was surprised to see a slew of praise that made me question my propensity to say "huh?"

The best part is that the above photos aren't the worst of the bunch, but I chose to omit the image of Anna Ewers touching herself out of respect for her and others who feel as uncomfortable with this as I do. Yes, Wang #BroketheInternet, but at what cost? I understand that denim is a saturated market, but does this really make people want to buy the pants or the woman? Am I the only one slightly turned off by this blatant display of female sexuality? I feel like I'm intruding on Anna Ewers' private time.

Obviously, Alexander Wang got the well spread memo that "sex sells", but haven't we established that good jeans sell too? And didn't he just come out with an H&M collaboration that already increased his popularity ranking? Come on, Wang.

Now, I would not consider myself a prude. I believe in fashion's campaign to #freethenipple, but there are so many other ways of displaying nudity that are not quite as cringe inducing. A woman's body is beautiful, but oiled up to this extent, it looses its tastefulness and becomes a clear cry for attention.

Remember when you saw that girl in your class on Facebook posing with pouty lips in front of the camera screaming for someone to notice her cleavage? You thought, "wow, that girl is insecure and needs attention real bad" or maybe you thought, "she's hot". But then again, she wasn't trying to sell jeans, was she? She was just a girl like any other imitating something she may have seen in a magazine.

Now, there's a question I'd like to ask. Can you envision this image in your latest Vogue? Can you imagine your 12 year old sister catching a glimpse? Is that what you would call "pushing the boundaries" or does it take things to a level where people can't leave it on their coffee table? I am all for boundary pushing, but to what degree?

On the bright side, the image stayed in my mind for over a week and therefore, it must have done its job. Does it make me scream for those jeans? Probably not. But I am talking about it, so I suppose Wang got exactly the reaction he wanted. Now we all know that Alexander Wang makes jeans.

Alexander Wang for H&M? So last month.
Kim Kardashian's oiled body on Paper Mag? Psh, Kim who?

Make way for Alexander Wang and let me know what you think of this image. Good career move or pornographic? Or both?

Ponder it,



Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My VS Fashion Show Play-By-Play (With Some Opinions)

In case you missed it, here is a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show play-by-play. Are you ready?

I began with a strong hope that this year's show would start with a smash, but all I got were some sparkles as the backdrop to the impending extravaganza. Oh well. A few Angels walked the runway in golden undergarments starting with the recently wed Behati Prinsloo, and those flashy golden wings were pretty in a conventional VS fashion show type of way. 'Twas cute.

My favourite collection, "Dream Girls", was introduced by Taytay aka The Lost Angel. Obviously, she was wearing lingerie just like all her other besties. Usually, she's known to wear slightly more clothing, but peer pressure always wins in the end. Before long, she will be walking the runway with the others.

And then, the ultimate shocker happened. Ed Sheeran appeared on stage, awkwardly shuffling with his guitar. Our two favourite Brazilians stepped on stage like twins in fantasy bras, feathers were worn, and kisses were blown. It was spec-freaking-tacular. I yawned. At least the outfits were cute.

Suddenly, Ariana Grande appeared singing Love Me Harder and everyone took her for an Angel due to her adorable little mini skirt undies. Of course, she introduced the much sought after teen collection, PINK. She proceeded to "bang bang into the room" by herself. No Jessie J or Nicki Minaj in sight. I was half hoping they would appear for that extra element of surprise, but alas, it never happened. The biggest shocker of all? Her dancers wore SO much clothing. Obviously, Ariana stole all the attention away from the models strutting down the stage as she worked that half ponytail. Although, I must admit that their outfits in this segment were my absolute favourite. I have a feeling Ariana's high pitched voice will be stuck in my head for months to come.

When the set changed, I knew I was in for something amazing. We were transported into a dark forest a la Snow White. And then Hozier appeared and I was like "who?" I can imagine the girls thought the same. Where was Bruno? How anticlimactic.

Finally, the grand finale took place and Taylor Swift returned holding hands with BFF Karlie Kloss and introduced her (future) smash hit "Style". How a propos.

The best part about the whole show? The location. London, baby. Oh, and Alessandra Ambrosio (as per usual).

And scene.



Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The December Shopping Disease

Yes, I have resurfaced from exam period (more or less) unscathed with much adrenaline to spare. With sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday screaming my name, it was a wonder I stayed away from the shopping world and remained deeply immersed in my books. I must admit, Cyber Monday threw me slightly off guard (when did that become a thing?). But, alas, I managed to resist the urge to press that "add to cart" button and avoid Facebook ads like the plague (yes, they do occasionally entice me).

But today, all that has changed, my friend. Today, I have been freed of the heavy weight of literature and I have caught the bug. No, I am not sick in the coughing fit kind of way. I merely have the December shopping disease. Is it the Christmas jingles playing in every story putting me in the mood? Is it the snow falling from the sky inducing me to buy more sweaters? Is it a desire to decompress after remaining cooped up in the library? I could not say. But this disease has taken over my body and my immune system is struggling to fight it.

After all, it is only natural that with Boxing Week (best holiday of the year) rapidly approaching, my desire to shop is continuously expanding like a hot air balloon and eventually, it will explode. The stores will beckon and I will enter. That rush will return as I touch every soft fabric in sight against my dried up winter withered hands.

It might not be Boxing Day for a few weeks, but the sales have begun and everything that you will probably still be wearing for the next six months (due to the lengthiness of winter) is now at a reduced price. The promotions are yelling "BUY ME!". The red stickers are officially your favourite kind of stickers and invite you to blow kisses at them (if you're crazy enough). And sales people are starting to look slightly more attractive due to your blurred lovestruck vision.

December is officially being renamed "Shoptember". It sounds a little like September, which has already been taken, but we'll let it slide. This is the month when you can permit yourself to go a little nuts. Shoptember is about making yourself feel better on a -30 degree day. It's about making the best of winter by staying indoors, while avoiding hibernation. The mall is your new best friend. Open your arms to it.

So, take your best friend to lunch. And dinner. And breakfast. It is after all a season to be jolly and nothing makes me more jolly than a good sale.

Happy Shoptember!