Monday, July 28, 2014

Recycle, Reuse, and Renew

Everyone has heard of the three Rs. Recycle. Reuse. Renew. It's been ingrained in our heads since global warming became a serious issue.

No, I'm not going to go on a green rant about how we all need to recycle. I'm referring to a different kind of recycling. I'm talking about the recycling that designers do all the time.

Let's call it: Trend Recycling.

You flip through your latest September issue and what do you see? Plaid, grey, oversized sweaters, and fur.

You flip through your march issue and what do you find? Florals, pastels, maxi dresses, and denim cutoffs.

So, why read them? Why look again and again at the latest fashion trends when they're all a repeat of last year? As someone with a magazine addiction, I can't stop myself. My goal? Find something you haven't seen before. Occasionally, it happens. Karl likes to spice things up by integrating interesting pieces in his collections or adding his own twist to classic cuts. Marc Jacobs does the same. But when it comes to some designers, safe is how its done.

How do we escape the monotony? What makes fashion interesting?

Perhaps we all need to try something new. Take the inspiration without copying an exact look off a mannequin. Put on sneakers with a dress like Chanel. Take a piece of every era and find a way to integrate it into your outfit. Fashion is about surprising the onlooker.

The 1920s were known for Charleston dresses and hairnets. The 1930s were known for full length skirts. The 1950s with known for flared dresses and stilettos. The 1970s were known for palazzo pants and large eyewear. The 90s were grunge (obvi). Today, people think that everything is simply recycling an old trend. While that may be true, that doesn't exclude innovation. Maybe the new millennium is about experimentation. Maybe it's about creativity. Maybe it's time for us to wear skirts over pants and call it style. And maybe one day, it'll be the norm.

Fashion is unpredictable, but that's what makes it interesting. The best part about this generation is that there are no limits. Recycle. Reuse. RENEW. And embrace your inner weirdo.

Have a lovely Monday,


Friday, July 25, 2014

#IconCity: Newcomer Nicola

At a mere 18 years of age, you haven't quite graduate high school. Nicola Peltz stars in her own T.V show, Bates Motel, and has appeared in a Transformers movie. She also happens to have access to all the best stylists and designers, explaining her AMAZING wardrobe. With her model good looks (literally, she worked as a model), Nicola can rock any look on the Red Carpet. A newcomer to IconCity, she's probably by the bar with Suki Waterhouse sipping cocktails. Cheers!

Here are some of her best looks:

Nicola looks like the poster girl for Fall fashion in a Louis Vuitton plum cape jacket and leather stiletto boots. Innocent? I think not.
There's nothing more chic than a classic LWD. This Versus dress does not wear Nicola, she wears the dress and with pretty metallic wedges to boot.
Just when you thought she was a classicist, Nicola surprises us with a bold print. And don't even get me STARTED on the shoes!
This girl loves her white and wears it with class. This Stella McCartney gown is BEYOND and just wait until you see the party-in-the-back.
Nicola knows how to rock a full length gown. This feminine pink number by Giambattista Valli is angelic.
That's all folks! What do you think of Nicola's style? Is she a force to be reckoned with?

Keep your eyes peeled!


Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Bun Stigma

Once upon a time, buns were the only way to tie up a woman's hair. It was a symbol of status, wealth, and high class. As women began to allow their hair to tumble, a bun become that hairdo you save for special occasions. Today, a bun takes on many shapes and forms. Unfortunately, it has taken on new meaning filled with negative connotations.

Is she just that lazy?
Did she have no time to blow dry?
Did she just wake up?
Has she just returned from the gym?

And then there are those who view the bun in a positive light.

Did she wake up looking that cool?
Is she a model off duty?

And then the serious questions come up.

Can I pull that off?
Would I look that cool in a bun?
Is my bun sloppy?

In case you were wondering, my buns always look sloppy. We're going to try NOT to misinterpret that statement. Some girls look super chic in a bun, while others fall short.

No matter how hard I try, my hair is just to darn slippery to hold it up in an elegant way. Despite the creation of hair donuts (that's what they're called. I kid not), I can't wear them because my hair is too thin to support them. I love a schrunchie as much as the next 90s girl, but even that isn't going to cut it for my next job interview. And who really has time to style their hair ALL THE TIME?

Is it possible that only girls with fluffy voluminous locks can wear the bun?
Are people like me doomed to remain #classynotclassy forever in a personally styled updo?
Should I just give up?

What do YOU think of the bun?
Do you fall under the YES category or the NO WAY IN HELL category?

Check out some of these street style buns and let me know what you think!


Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What Kind of Dresser Are You?

My computer's history would indicate that I rely very much on quizzes to define myself. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. Sometimes we need a good ol' quiz to tell us if we're better off marrying Johnny Depp or Pharrell Williams. Or whether we're a peanut butter sandwich or tuna. Or whether we're most likely to live in Paris or London. It's crucial to our self-understanding. THEREFORE, I have decided to concoct another "who am I" quiz that will hopefully bring you closer to your destination on your road to self-discovery. Get ready to find out whether you're a fashion rebel, a trend addict, a clown, or a style muffin.

1. Your best friend shows up at school in UGGs. You've always hated UGGs, but you really need a new pair of boots. You...
a) Run to your nearest UGG store and buy the same ones.
b) Buy Sorels. With multi-coloured laces.
c) Settle for your sneakers and hope for the best. You're poor.
d) Wear high heels because you'd never wear those hideous things.

2. Spotted: Cameron Diaz wearing leggings as pants.
a) Sigh with relief. I knew that was a thing.
b) Wear them as a top. Never tried that one, did you?
c) Top her by wearing sweatpants. In public.
d) Cringe. Why Camy why?

3. Finish this sentence. Raincoats are for...
a) Losers.
b) Dancing in the rain.
c) Practical purposes.
d) You mean trench coats, right?

4. Every woman must have X in her wardrobe.
b) X = A florescent jumpsuit
c) X = Denim
d) X = A pair of impractical shoes

5. Cara Delevingne is...
a) Soooooo coooooollllllll.
b) My best friend.
c) Who?
d) The top british model in the world and Karl Lagerfeld's dream daughter.

MOSTLY A's: You Are A Trend Addict
You live off magazines with the latest trend reports because they decide your wardrobe. After each season, it's time for a cleanse. You invite your friends over to get rid of those uglies in exchange for the hottest new Hermes. You've been called a shopaholic, but no matter. You're always the trendiest girl in the room. Everyone wants what you have. You can spot trends better than you pick your men. It's a skill.

MOSTLY B's: You Are A Clown
You love to fool around and make silly faces a la Cara. Your favourite outfits usually consist of a one piece with a loud print. You make a statement every time you walk into a room and you can't help being the entertainment at every party. You're a street style photographer's dream and it's only because they can tell that it all comes naturally to you. You enjoy changing your hair on a monthly basis and exploring looks that nobody would dare try purely for the thrill.

MOSTLY C's: You Are A Fashion Rebel
You're not the biggest fashionista in the bunch, but you know who you are. You've already established what you like and don't like, so you know how to shop in the most practical way. You hate people who follow trends because you perceive them as poseurs. You believe that identity showcases itself through what you wear, so lying is almost sinful. You stay true to yourself at all times even if others disagree with you. You like to break the mould, while remaining practical on some levels.

MOSTLY D's: You Are A Style Muffin
You adore fashion and thrive in front of a camera. You will defy practicality and comfort #forthesakeoffashion because you can't resist. Fashion is your weakness, your drug, your chocolate cake. You're that girl layering to no end at Spring fashion week in New York in the dead of winter. You wear high heels no matter what the occasion just because you know it looks better with everything. You'll explore a trend here and there, but you prefer to remain spontaneous in your outfit choices. Creativity is your mantra.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#ForTheSakeOfFashion Part III: Cutouts

Fine. Admittedly, cutouts can have a purpose.

1) Getting a summer breeze in odd places.
2) Sexiness (that counts as a purpose)
3) Scratching unreachable locations

However, they can still fall under items worn #forthesakeoffashion because none of these purposes are practical or real. Yes, fashion can be practical (as Coco Chanel once demonstrated), but as a general rule, we like it best when it isn't. If people only dressed themselves based on practicality, originality would cease to exist. Nobody would be surprised by what you're wearing and frankly, who doesn't love surprises? The celebrities and common folk who attract the lenses of street style photographers are the ones who wear something unexpected. Boots with a dress. A sweater tied around their waist. A fur the size of a house. Those are the ones that catch our eye and that's what #forthesakeoffashion is all about.

Today is actually about cutouts. Cutouts have resurfaced in the strangest of places. I'm not talking about lace or crochet, but those unexpected cutouts that add intrigue to the outfit. A cutout suggests danger. It suggests you may have ripped your dress and improvised with a needle and thread to put it back together. It suggests imperfection.

Designers and photographers adore imperfection. It's about that gap tooth, the doe eyes, the bushy brows. It's about asymmetry. Imbalance. Perfection doesn't exist anywhere other than our boring imaginations. If we dig a little deeper, we find ourselves drawn to the weird a la Marc Jacobs.

So, let out your inner Marc Jacobs and take a look at some inspiring cutout pieces.




Monday, July 21, 2014

The Black Shoe Problem

We all have a common disease. When it comes to shoes, black is always our first choice. Why? Duh. It matches EVERYTHING. It's a classic. It'll never go out of style. It's a great go-to. Shall I list more obvious reasons?

So what happens to all the other shoes?
They go to all those famous celebrities with enough money to explore other colours.
They go to the bloggers who seek unique pieces that will amp up their outfits.
They go to the shopaholics of the world.

Why don't we normal folk appreciate a coloured shoe? Are we simply too afraid to try it? What if we all decided that our clothing should remain neutral and our shoes should stand out? (I'd vouch for that)

Now, this is a huge problem because we find ourselves in a sea of black shoes without a colour in sight. And a world with no colour(ful shoes) simply isn't a world!

How do we solve this problem?

Let's make a pact. We should all purchase one pair of impractical shoes in a colour we'd usually never dream of wearing. Remember that anything is possible with a basic black or white tee and jeans and of course, colour blocking skills.

So, what are you afraid of?

Here are some shoes to inspire you:


Friday, July 18, 2014

#IconCity: Another Reason To Be Jealous of Suki Waterhouse (Other Than Bradley Cooper)

I know that Suki Waterhouse is fresh out of the stork's basket, but she's still worthy of IconCity because she encapsulates that London cool we all aspire to. A sprinkle of retro, some Burberry coats, a few rockstar booties, and enviable hats place her on every best dressed list and her growing popularity caused by her adorable blondness and beau, Bradley Cooper, cannot be denied. Discovered at the ripe age of 16, Suki Waterhouse is a fashion editorial princess who can do no wrong. With that innocent look reminiscent of Twiggy, she may be the next big London face (watch out Cara).

Here are some of her best looks:

Anyone who can pull off the floppy hat is a winner in my book. Go Suki!
Suki masters the masculine chic look with a grey Burberry suit and killer wedges. I envy.
via Elle Uk
The moment I laid eyes on this dress, I fell in love with Suki Waterhouse. She's a vision in baby pink Emilia Wickstead and I WANT.
via Elle UK
Somehow, this look captures sexy schoolgirl without trying too hard. How? Only Suki knows.
via whowhatwear
Can I please be cool enough to wear this metallic jacket? K, thanks.
via Vogue UK
That's all she wrote folks. Keep your eyes peeled for Suki. She's a fashion force to be reckoned with.