Friday, September 19, 2014

#IconCity: London Loves Kate Moss and I Do Too

Let's talk about the biggest icon the London scene brought into our lives: Kate Moss. It's a wonder she hasn't made this list until now. Anyone who thinks of London fashion immediately turns to Kate Moss. She's that girl everyone has heard of who conveys a glamorous lifestyle simply based on the way she dresses. Moss has walked every runway show imaginable from Burberry to Alexander McQueen. Discovered at the ripe age of 14, this girl was born to model. After jumpstarting her career with a Calvin Klein campaign in 1993, she's become unforgettable. She may have just turned 40, but her recent campaigns for Stuart Weitzman and Burberry fragrance with her successor Cara Delevingne proves she's still got it.

Let's take a look at some of her best looks.

Kate rocks this hat like no other Brit and I'm a sucker for a great hat. She wears head-to-toe black without looking too plain. If you know Kate Moss, you know that plain is never a word associated with this model. She may be wearing flats, but she always looks glamorous.
Kate wears a leopard coat without looking too kitschy and that says a lot. With a bold yellow clutch, she knows that you can never make too many statements with black when it comes to accessorizing. I couldn't agree more.
Kate does the 80s look and of course, it looks amazing. I have a soft spot for great shoulder pads and Kate proves that it is not tacky in the least.
Matching outfits are very on trend this season and Kate wears it effortlessly. This is all very Juicy Couture circa 1995.
via lolobu
Kate is known for her luxurious furs that characterize her as a glamorous woman. This one is to-die-for and this is her on a candid day. How do you look at your most candid?
What do you think of these looks? Which Kate Moss is your favourite?

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

NOT Matching is ALWAYS Better Than Matching

Fashion Month has reached its mid-point and we've seen a number of trends emerge and a few that have resurfaced. One of the major trends that has returned is that of the matching set. Models walked the runway in short suits that were oh so chic and bound to make our lives a lot easier. In contrast, mixed prints and mismatched getups were slightly less popular because of the challenge this trend presents. The concept of mismatching is reminiscent of the Tyra Banks "ugly pretty" aesthetic. Though these terms seem oxymoronic, they create an interesting high fashion look when combined. There's a way to look ugly and pretty simultaneously which can only be mastered by a highly skilled model. The definition of this term remains ambiguous as it is based on an undefinable human perception of beauty.

Mismatching follows a similar notion of beauty by being incredibly subjective. If you aren't matching, how do you know you look good? If you're breaking the rules, how do you make the right decisions? What makes a mismatch appealing to the human eye?

Recently, I decided that I'd cut down on my shopping and take a look inside my closet. I was inspired to pick out pieces I love and put them together in a new and original way. I grabbed a denim blouse and rather than choosing my first choice of jeans, I selected a pair I assumed wouldn't match the top. After putting it on, I was satisfied and lo and behold, I walked out the door.

What drove me to make that decision?

Perhaps it was the rush of trying something daring that broke all fashion rules about denim on denim. In today's world, this is becoming a more popular option amongst fashionistas and designers. Rather than striving to match, we're striving to set ourselves apart by putting something together something we think nobody else would attempt. We want to be different, individuals, unique.

Fashion Month is the perfect time to explore this opportunity as we rate street style photos and decide whether this wild blogger suits our fancy. Does "The Man Repeller" follow a rigid set of fashion rules? NO! And that's exactly why we love her. Is Marc Jacobs creating a collection everybody unanimously loves? No. That's what qualifies him as a genius.

Though we look to previous eras for inspiration and people tend to assume that the 2000s have no distinct fashion quality, what makes this era unique is that it relies on mismatching and combining of all the trends we loved from before. We can finally mash the 60s and 90s together, creating a look that takes our two favourite eras and juxtaposes them in one outfit. That's the beauty of this fashion generation.

So, take a break from matching and try something you probably wouldn't wear together. Fashion is about fun and therefore, no rules apply.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Let's Talk London

London is all about a certain street attitude that never tries too hard. After leaving those glamorous streets of New York, we're taken into a realm of urban London, where florals reign supreme, transparency is ALWAYS an option, and sneakers are the shoe of choice. London is one of my favourite cities. I wrote a blog post about how much I love it (see here). It's a city of fashion icons like Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, and Victoria Beckham. It's where rock n' roll was born and the youth quake of the 1960s surfaced. Brits are the epitome of cool, but not in the same way as the Parisians. They're often a little grungier and less put together. Sometimes, they capture a certain sophistication without even trying, and at others, they're a hot mess. During Fashion Week, there was a blend of both with edgier collections by Tom Ford, Topshop Unique, and Osman, and more feminine ones by Erdem, Christopher Kane, and Antonio Berardi. Pick your poison. Here is mine.

Chrispher Bailey does it again with renewed forms of the classic trench and a selection of looks inspired by "The Birds and the Bees". Imagine a combination of floral prints and feathers and ruched or tiered tulle dresses with cropped denim jackets. It was London to the T. The girls walked down the runway in the new shoe of the moment: the sneaker. Bailey proved that a sneaker is not necessarily for sporty girls alone, but for those with a penchant for flirty dresses as well. A sash at the waist was the signature item in many of the looks and added some flavour to the collection. Perfect for that playful London girl who doesn't believe in rules, but simply wants to feel comfortable and chic simultaneously. It felt like Burberry with a modern flair inspired by top model, Cara Delevingne.

Favourite Look: 44
Jourdan Dunn rocked this look like no other. That cropped purple jacket was a unique accent that only enhanced the sheer pastel pink dress, creating the perfect juxtaposition of sporty and chic.

Felder Felder was a little edgier than Burberry this season with metallic skirts and coloured leather sets. Inspired by a 1960s aesthetic, the collection felt very a propos with the current mindset of today's youth, eager to revive the rock n' roll era. A mix of crop tops and animal printed blouses dominated the runways, giving it a bolder touch. The cowboy boots hinted at the possibility of a new trend emerging, but who knows whether that one will grab. Fringe was another popular look at London Fashion Week. I'm sensing a country girl theme with a bit of a bad girl streak. What do you think?

Favourite Look: 11
This look just oozes cool vibes. From the round sunglasses to the fringe leather jacket to the leopard print high-waisted turquoise pants, I'm dying for this look. It screams "don't mess with me" and that's a message I definitely concur with.

Julien MacDonald was all about the bold prints this season. He may have presented classic work appropriate dresses, but each one had a unique design that gave them that wow factor. Once again, transparency was a dominant theme in all shapes and forms, adding illusion to the various looks. There were geometric shapes to tease the eye and abstract floral prints. A surprising element in the collection was the insertion of frills on some dresses and one-piece swimwear. Between the frills and the lace, the collection was very feminine and sensual as a whole. It all came to a close with an intricate white wedding dress that left us oohing and ahing. It was a lovely way to end the show.

Favourite Look: 18
This baby doll dress was my favourite because of the unique details at the top. I love that strong sense of feminine innocence that it evokes and it makes me think of happy little girls who haven't yet faced the woes of real life.

David Koma is always a favourite of mine during London Fashion Week because he consistently combines everything that I love in one collection. With pretty shorts sets, asymmetrical hems, and leather bits, it was everything I could ever want in a wardrobe and more. A mix of white and blue with a bright yellow hue made me nostalgic for spring and those warmer days in the sun. Koma played with transparency and cutouts throughout the collection, giving it more sex appeal, while maintaining its classy feminine aura.

Favourite Look: 8
As a lover of all things black and white, this was the look I'd most love to wear. Add some asymmetry and a crop and I am sold.

Tom Ford felt very Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent with this rock n' roll collection that had us all feeling nostalgic. In this collection, the 60s met the 70s and rocked out together in sexy minis and shiny wide legged pants. Beads were placed in precarious positions on a number of dresses that gave the looks a hint of danger and of course, leather played a large roll as well. Fringe made an appearance and those notorious cutouts, because it wouldn't be rock n' roll without fringe. The hair was very "I woke up like this" a la Joan Jett just getting out of bed. My favourite part? The shoes. Can I have all of them please?

Favourite Look:19
This was a surprise look in the collection and possibly, one of the more tame ones. The cutouts on this LWD gave it that extra edge and the shoes were the perfect finishing touch to make it truly rock n' roll.

All images taken from

What do you think of these collections? Which was your favourite from London Fashion Week?

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#ForTheSakeofFashion Part V: Skirts Over Pants?

As the weather gets cooler, pants become a necessity. It's unavoidable. We had all summer to embrace maxi dresses, mini skirts, and rompers, but it's time to bid them farewell and cover up those legs. The good news is that you no longer have to shave every other day. The bad news is that it's cold outside. In response to the current climate and a desire to keep wearing skirts, bloggers and designers have introduced skirts over pants as a winter alternative. Whether they're trying to be avant-garde or simply couldn't pick just one bottom, we'll never know. We've all fantasized about trying it on those days when tights weren't enough to keep us warm. We've layered with socks, but even that has proven inefficient during Montreal winters. Some of us are guilty of wearing our skirts over pants and removing them upon arriving at our destination. But maybe we don't have to remove them anymore? Once upon a time, this was a complete fashion faux pas, but as usual, the fashion world makes us go "maybe?".

The first time I caught a glimpse of this look was on The Man Repeller aka Leandra Medine, my life icon and style mentor. In fact, I'm pretty sure she started the trend herself. After a while, she turned it into her thing by wearing it a number of times with a variety of outfits. At first, I was like "what?", but I discovered that it's an acquired taste and after seeing it a number of times on the blogger, my "what" turned into a "maybe" which transformed into a dare.

Needless to say, I haven't tried it yet. When I saw it on the runway, I knew it wasn't just popular because Leandra decided to do it. After all, she's known for her outfit shenanigans that epitomize her blog name. When I saw it at Kenzo and Armani, it dawned on me that this is a real fashion trend. Forget opaque tights. Say goodbye to those leggings. Just keep your pants on.

Though this trend has not integrated itself to the streets of anywhere other than the fashion capitals of the world, I look forward to spotting someone wearing it in my city. As for me, you may find me donning this look at a street corner of Downtown Montreal or on Instagram. Just dare me and I might do it #ForTheSakeofFashion.



Monday, September 15, 2014

So, New York Fashion Week Happened

September is the best month of the year (no, it's not my birthday). The fashion obsessed compulsively check their doorstep for that September Issue, while scrambling for a new fall wardrobe with a potential for cozy knits, oversized coats, and beanies. Personally, this is my favourite time of year because it happens to be fashion week, or shall I say, month. Though the thought of Spring collections makes us all slightly depressed, it also allows us to aspire to warmer days that will return as they always do. This year, New York Fashion Week was filled with beautiful crisp white, hints of transparency, gingham, and yes, florals. It was exactly what we wanted it to be and more. After watching all the runway shows, here is a review of my top five.

Traditionally, I haven't been much of a Kors girl. Though I love the accessories, the clothing always seemed far too wholesome for the edgier image I prefer to convey. Despite the long hemlines, I cannot wear due to my unnatural height, the overall feminine vibe of the collection definitely resonated with me. Some of my favourite things were present during the Michael Kors show, including Peter Pan collars, structured coats, matching sets, and a dash of midriff. It made me think of picnics in the park with those you love on bright summer days. Though this may have been due to the striking yellow coat that made its way down the runway, it was also reflected in the gingham print spread across various looks in the show. A bit of plaid reminded us that gingham is not a replacement, but simply another print that makes us all feel wholesome as can be. And if you're looking for a classic white blouse, Kors is the way to go. Michael Kors is a classics man and if you love a good classic, you're in for a treat.

My Favourite Look: 54
I may have chosen the most daring look in the collection (mostly because it's head-to-toe black), but it's only because it's the one that reflected my personality the most. I'm still not over those crop tops, and apparently, neither is Michael Kors. I love the juxtaposition of a simple crop top with a full skirt filled with eyelet motifs. Edgy meets feminine? 'Tis simply divine.

Every season I dwell on how much I love Honor and the fact that it is an underrated brand. This season is no different. The collection takes me back to my girlish roots with whimsical prints reminiscent of a healthy candy addiction and oversized bows. As someone who's a self-proclaimed sucker for bows, I couldn't resist much of the collection as it satisfied my deepest fantasy. Though there was a lot of white, Giovanna Randall played with textures in a way that made me fall in love with every LWD in sight. The hints of baby blue were positively delightful and one particular bright orange vest caught my eye. I sincerely hope to see Zosia Mamet sport one of these looks. Fingers crossed.

My Favourite Look: 8
Contrary to the Michael Kors look I chose, this one satisfies my more whimsical side. I love the layering on top as it adds an interesting texture to a simple dress. And as much as I'm a heels girl, I'd buy those flats in a heartbeat.

Say what you will, but it takes a true genius to dare to incorporate fur in a Spring collection. Gilles Mendel wouldn't have it any other way. According to, the collection was inspired by artist, Enoc Perez, a man who shares a mutual love for architecture with the designer. The aesthetic appeal was accentuated by this shared passion through the abstract designs on many of the dresses. Whether a mini or a maxi, every piece was a work of art, but still wearable as can be. The pretty pleats and sexy high slits added some feminine flair, while other looks took on a more structured approach. A particular white jacket caught my eye and I haven't been able to get it off my mind since. With each look, the collection got edgier as leather began to surface, particular in a striking red. Let's not forget those adorable red handbags that were simply to-die-for.

My Favourite Look: 41
There is no combination I love more than a jumpsuit with leather. The slight peak of red makes this look even sexier and increases my obsession with it. And don't even get me started on those shoes.

Oscar knows what women want. According to Karlie Kloss, his choochoo, this is a given. Every year, Oscar brings us lovely full skirted gowns that we all dream of wearing on a Red Carpet. This year, there were a few more wearables in the mix that I'm coveting. Once again, there were some crop tops that made it into the mix, proving that they aren't ready to disappear from the fashion scene just yet. Just like in Michael Kors, gingham was the print of choice and pastel pink, the dominant colour. Every pair of shorts on that runway was screaming my name. A few eyelets were introduced as well on full length Oscar skirts and sleeveless blouses. It was all very sophisticated and we were transported to a garden party featuring the most important guests (including the Duchess Kate herself). I hope to see her in one of these looks, but no promises. The biggest surprise was the abundance of oxfords that contrasted with the supremely feminine looks. It was all feathers, floral appliqu├ęs, and a Karlie Kloss finale. It was so very Oscar and so undeniably perfect.

My Favourite Look: 40
Sasha Luss looks magnificent in this sparkly flared dress by Oscar. The necklace is a great statement piece without being too loud and everything about this says "wear me".

Who doesn't love Christian Siriano? He captures that feminine flavour better than anyone. More crop tops made an appearance in his collection and this put a smile on my face. Siriano played with transparency and transformed some basic white dresses into magical pieces of art. The feathers reappeared, predicting a new trend, and a bit of sparkle was integrated into the collection to make some pieces Red Carpet worthy. The collection ended with a soft mint green and a jumpsuit only Beyonce could pull off. No matter. Fashion is all about aspiration, is it not? 

My Favourite Look: 9
This is my new favourite LWD. It may look like a classic white dress at first, but if you look at the detailing, you know you're in the hands of an artist. 

All images via

Which collection was your favourite?

Ponder it.



Friday, September 12, 2014

#IconCity: Kaley Cuoco, One of My Favourite Blonds

Once upon a time, Kaley Cuoco was just Bridget on 8 Simple Rules, the bold older sib to her redheaded sister. She was one of those actresses I thought would forever be known for that role. One day, everything changed. The Big Bang Theory happened and she became Penny, everyone's favourite ditzy blond. As a woman in comedy, she automatically lands a spot in IconCity because frankly, we all love to laugh at cocktail parties. Also, it cannot be denied that this woman has an amazing sense of style.

Let's take a look at some of her best outfits.

Seriously, though. Don't you wish you could match your outfit as well as Kaley? It takes a true style star to pull off head-to-toe florals. And it doesn't end there. A pair of stunning pink pumps was just what the fashion doctor ordered.
Clearly, Kaley loves her matching head-to-toe florals. This time, she went for blue in honour of the Blue Jasmine premiere. Are you loving this Zimmermann look as much as I am?
Kaley does the girly thing better than any of us and somehow, she doesn't look like she's 12. With a pretty in pink Basler dress and heart-shaped glasses, she has me smitten.
This is just so darn cute, I want to squish it. Those Tory Burch shorts are to-die-for and I'm loving that pedicure.
Obviously, Kaley is a princess from a faraway land we all wish we lived in. Usually, I'm not a fan of feathers, but she pulls it off and in mint green, no less. 
What do you think of Kaley's style? Love it or hate it?

Ponder That,



Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Blynk Is My New Tinder

A few weeks ago, I decided to give in to social demands and get Tinder. After a few swipes left and right, I began to feel time drag on, but somehow, I couldn't stop. I stopped looking at the guys and simply swishing my finger back instinctively. Back in June, a new app was launched that uses the same swiping mechanism and that's when I knew it was all about the swipe effect.

Meet Blynk. Blynk is the Tinder of the fashion world. It follows the same concept, but with street style outfits that you can choose to like or not to like. After several swipes, the app directs you to outfit recommendations and then takes you to their website for purchase. If you thought Tinder was satisfying, this app is even better. Unlike Tinder, nobody is judging you. Blynk is all about discovering your personal style and getting inspired.

Here are five reasons Blynk is better than Tinder.


It was founded in Toronto.
Automatically, my love for this app increased as soon as I found out it was Canadian. Call me biased, but I feel even better knowing that I'm supporting entrepreneurs in my own country.

Blynk doesn't judge.
Though the men on Tinder may be rating you based on your looks, Blynk will give you that self-esteem boost without any judgement added.

Blynk leads to self-development
While Tinder is about meeting potential mates, Blynk is about understanding yourself as a person. By making these subconscious fashion choices, you can discover what you really like and what doesn't quite float your banana.

Blynk makes recommendations
While Tinder just reveals a series of men or women in proximity to you, Blynk makes recommendations. If only Tinder would do the same and filter the selection based on our swipes.

Blynk allows you to choose which parts of the outfit you like.
Needless to say, Tinder doesn't let us do the same.

It's time to get Blynk and let me know what you think. Would you rather swipe left for Tinder or right for Blynk?

Ponder It,